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Screen Print Confetti / Flood Sheet - FUCHSIA

Screen Print Confetti / Flood Sheet - FUCHSIA

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Screen Print Confetti is the perfect way to add a little SPICE to your shirt designs!

Available in ready to use Confetti Bottles OR Screen Print Flood Sheets to make your own confetti!


  • Simply apply your screen print transfer as normal to your shirt
  • Sprinkle the desired amount of Screen Print Confetti around your transfer & shirt
  • Cover with parchment or butcher paper
  • Press again @325 for 7 seconds
  • Peel parchment or butcher paper
  • DONE!

Available in 4oz or 7oz bottles OR 12x12" Screen Print Flood Sheets

Each bottle comes with snap close lid & shaker holes.

Each Flood Sheet comes in 12x12" (actual ink measurements are 11.5x11.5"). The transfer sheet is just like a regular Screen Print Transfer sheet but the entire sheet is full of plastisol ink. All you need to do to make your own confetti is scrape the ink off the sheet, grind it up to your desired flake size, and apply per instructions above.