Custom DTF & Sublimation Production Time: 1-3 Business Days // Custom Screen Print Production Time: 5-14 Business Days

Transfers - FAQ


1. Can we use your photos to advertise?

Mockup Photos - Allowed Uses:
  • You may post the photos to your business Facebook page to gain orders for the Sublimation/Screen Print Transfer from Southern Graphic Co.
  • We provide pre-watermarked mockup photos for use on your business Facebook pages ONLY. You may NOT use our photos on Etsy, Amazon, 3rd party websites, private Facebook groups, any other social media, etc.
Mockup Photos - Restrictions:
  • You may NOT share, giveaway, alter, or modify the mockups or photos in any way.
  • You may NOT share the mockups or photos on other social media sites.
  • You may NOT claim the mockup or photos as your own.
  • You may NOT use these mockups or photos on your own independent website, Etsy page, print on demand site, Amazon, other social media, etc.
  • You may NOT post these mockups & photos in other social media groups asking where to find the design, if someone can replicate, OR if someone can make transfers for you.
  • IF we find that you are using our photos against our terms of service, this is grounds for immediate removal from the group and a ban of further purchasing opportunities.

2. Do your products include commercial use?

Yes! A simple breakdown is as follows:
  • Digital Graphics - for use on physical products for sale (shirts, cups, etc.) DO NOT sell, share, distribute in any way digitally. DO NOT print transfers for resale!
  • Digital Elements - for use to create your own finished digital graphic for sale. You may use the elements to create your own final graphic for sale with the addition of other elements and text in your final design.
  • Transfers - for use on physical products for sale (shirts, tote bags, etc.) DO NOT sell, share, distribute in any way as is. You MUST add them to a physical product for resale. You may NOT resell transfers as is.
  • Tops & Tees - You MAY sell them commercially and put them in your store or boutique AS IS! Please do not make alterations or adjustments to the shirt or design.

3. What if you do not hit the number needed for the Screen Print Transfer Pre-Order?

You will receive a full refund for any pre-order that does not get sent to production.

4. Do you offer tutorials?

Yes! Please set your notifications to “ALL Posts” and follow our group on Facebook for tips, tricks, and tutorials on graphic design, vinyl, sublimation, screen printing, etc.

5. Do you do Custom Transfers?

Yes! Please see the following link for more information.

6. Do you allow order add-ons?

Unfortunately we do not. We receive a high number of orders daily and our team is busy shipping orders out as soon as they come in (hence the same/next day shipping!) so we are unable to combine orders or shipping at this time.

7. Do you offer wholesale for transfers?

Yes! Each week we offer specials where you can get screen print transfers for as low as $1 each! Keep an eye on the group page for details!

8. Where do you get your designs?

We have been in the business for over 7 years and have created a lot of our own graphics. We also love to support other small businesses and designers, so we purchase from them as well. We also make sure to purchase transfer licensing (if required) from these designers to be able to print and sell their designs as transfers. We are licensed with over 25 other graphic designers! All graphics and elements located in our Elite Membership group are designs created by our designers.

9. Can you make a design for me?

Certainly! We would love to work with you on creating a design for you! We cannot guarantee how quickly we will be able to work on it, depending on current requests. Send us a message and we will let you know!